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Serving the Boston and South Shore area

Products and Services

The following are just some of the products and services that we offer:

Biminis with Frames
Blade Bags
Binnacle Covers
Boat Covers
Boom Tents
Bow Covers
Deck Covers
Cushions: Interior & Exterior
Console Covers
Deck Cushions
Dodgers with Frames
Instrument Covers
Jib Bags
Life Line Covers
Mainsail Covers
Mooring Covers
Mast Boots
Pedestal Covers
Sail Covers

Sail Repair
Spar Bags
Sheet/Line Bags
Side Curtains
Slant back Covers
Storage Bags
Sun Shades
Tiller Covers
Tonneau Covers
Trailer Top and Bottom Covers
Tender/Dinghy/Inflatable Covers
Winch Covers
Winter Boat Covers
Wind Screens
Wind Catchers
Window Replacements
Windless Covers
Zipper Repair

...New or Repairs!...

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